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Bored Ape Anatomy Solana Club is a collection of 517 anatomical mortal apes dissected through the organs. Explore what your ape is really made of inside out. Not affiliated with BAYC / MAYC. We deconstructed the traits from BAYC apes and created a completely different & unique combination of ape and added our anatomical element.

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BAASC History

The Bored Ape Anatomy Solana Club project - abbreviated as BAASC - is an NFT collection born out of a collaboration between several friends who have been dabbling in the financial world for several years.
Everyone has a specific role, from developer to designer, from community manager to collaboration manager, our whole team mobilized to give birth to a 517-piece BAASC NFTs collection.

Our goal is to develop a strong community around the collection. We have already established several big partnerships, with art galleries for example, in order to win gifts for our community.

We think that the spirit of community is essential to the proper functioning of a project such as ours, which is why we organize a lot of games, contests, and even poker, with the key to the big prizes provided by our partners!

Our community has been divided into 3 teams, the goal being to bring the most points to its team in order to win the most gifts. Everything is a question of understanding, of collaboration, which can even lead to friendships.

We have had a lot of highs and lows, but our community has always managed to stay strong and united.

The MINT of our first collection has already passed, it is after a joint decision of the staff and the community that we will decide on the publication date of the next collection.

You can find all the key dates of the collection in the #roadmap tab of our Discord server.

A lot of news will soon arrive around our NFT collection, which will propel us to the top šŸš€

Top 10 Ranking

Our team

Raphaƫl | Creative Director

Raphaƫl is a Canadian collaborator in various NFT projects and director of the online art gallery Galerie Saint Germain with the famous Vincent Faudemer as partner.

Brixton | Artist

Brixton is a French artist, graduated from the Beaux Arts de Paris. He has worked in collaboration with many NFT designs. He is the main designer of the Bored Ape Anatomy Solana Club collection.

Mikael (MI148) | Head of growth

Serial entrepreneur with experience in art, blockchain, real estate, organic growth. Ability to build from scratch, connecting the right talents and make it happen.

Sam | Advisor

Sam is a French advisor. For 15 years has a great experience in trading and a good experience in NFT projects. He has also built cryptocurrency management wallets. He advises and assists the management on the orientation of the project to increase the potential of the collection.

VeeN | Blockchain Developer

VeeN is a French Web and Blockchain Developer with more than 5 years of experience who has already worked on several NFT projects. Fascinated by computer science and new technologies, he never stops learning and renewing his skills.

Elyott | Community Manager

Elyott is a Swiss Comunity Manager and has been working in collaboration with Raphaƫl for several years as a community manager. He has developed a strong community around Art and NFT with The Galerie Saint Germain.

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